Hey everyone, I've had a problem a couple times with my strings. Not sure what to call it, but I guess the best way to describe it would be either un-threading, stripping, or just basically the string unwinding after a good amount of playing.

I'm not sure if it's caused by tuning constantly between Drop D to Drop C, or just from playing? The string isn't breaking/snapping, it's just stripping away pretty much.

So what I'm asking is....what kind of strings would you recommend for someone who plays in drop d, or drop c ? The last set of strings I've had were (if I remember correctly) .11 gauge. But it might've been .10 as well.

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10-52s, heavy bottom light top - good for drop tunings providing you don't go lower than drop C. Get Elixirs if your current strings wear out too quickly - what brand are you using?
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I use ernie ball custom gages,all my strings are thik my low is 12 and my high E is like .52
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