Hi guys, this is my first post in this specific thread.. and actually my first shot at lyrics, although I do have a few more than just this one.

No more fights
No more rules
No one around to tell you what to do

No more work
No more school
No more getting kicked around and played a fool

You've cut all your ties
Said silent goodbyes tonight
You're out on your own
Don't look back home (alright)*

No more food
No more cash
No one to watch as they all kick your ass

All this work
To stay alive
Be smart, keep your head low and you might survive

Waste away, the streets are silent
Self respect on corners fade

No more mom
No more dad
No one to help you but the man in black

His vacant stare
Shows no love
Shield body, mind and soul from eyes above


* this is just going to be one of those filler words, like when Robert Plant says "Baby" 500 times per song

I don't know what to think... maybe the "No more food" and "No more mom/dad" sections are kind of weak? The song is about a kid who runs away on some utopian fantasy and then has to face the trials of doing so.

Yeah. I don't know. Let me know what you think. I'll read yours in return (although like I said, I'm inexperienced, so who knows how much my analysis will help you...)
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