so i have a question about ska guitar.....would it pretty much be like.... the rythm guitar in a rock band?

like guitar in a jazz band? i looked at tabs and it was basically all like maj or maj7 chords.....

explain this for me please...
It hardly is. Listen to something like One Step Beyond by Madness, or A Still Life Franchise by Less than Jake. Sometimes it is like a rhythm guitar in a rock band, but more often than not, its different.
for a moment i thought u actually had an opinion about something....just a question eh.
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Ska is characterized by a harmony instrument playing block chords on the offbeat. The rhythm is what's important, not the chords. Maj7 chords aren't common in ska. Usually just major and minor.
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The rhythm is what's important, not the chords.

That´s the point.......use the chords which fit to the bass scales, often two or three chords are enough and work perfectly. I often use barrechords without the basstone on the deeper strings, but thats up to you.
TS you aren't the guitarist that we jammed with the other day are you?

We're trying our roommate out on guitar who rips as a lead player one of the best I've seen. But he has no clue how to play ska. But with some work I could turn this individual into a good player for us.
its all about the upstrokes with ska
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