I want to learn to play like Marty Friedman. I have been playing about 3 years and I am a fast as hell shredder. I learned to play like Slash, and Zakk Wylde. So yeah. But I want to shift more towards playing like Marty. I have always been into Megadeth, and it seems like that is more my style than playing Zakk, and Slash's stuff. so does he just shred in standard tuning, in the pentatonic minor scales? And anyone know where I cna find out how to play arpeggios like him?
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why dont you try and play your own style, rather than ripping everybody else off.
Why don't you play like you?

There already is a Marty Friedman. Why make another?

My advice? Worry about conveying what you want to say in a solo more than you worry about how it compares to someone else's.
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