Family member who owns many many guitars is giving me one for my birthday. I must chose from ...

Dean Eighty-Eight Guitar
Yamaha G-170A Classical Guitar
Westone Spectrum ST 80i
Rebel with Spitfire pickups
JBPlayer 5 string Bass Guitar (acoustic)
Hondo Formula 1 Series Guitar
Hondo Deluxe Series 760
CS 350 Stage Guitar
Antonio Lorea model 8 Classical Guitar (Spain)‏

I've never herd of any of these guitar brands except dean and yamaha but they look nice. I'm leaning towards the Lorea, the Dean, or the hondo formula 1. Anyone know anything about these ? Opinions? Suggestions?

I can post up pictures later
Dean or the Yamaha.

Probably the Dean.
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Hondo Formula 1

Japanese Rhoads copy. Pretty solid instrument.
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