Does anyone know any good freeware that can get an mpg file onto a DVD so I can play it on my PS2 (obviously just burning the file on won't work)

I have some software that came with my computer, but there's 2 settings, "DVD 1 hour" and "DVD 2 hour"
1 hour is fine but of course only for films 1 hour or less.
2 hours for some reason shrinks the picture so it's half the height, making it really thin for some reason.

The length of the film is 1:22 hours.

I google'd it but you can't really tell which software is good/trustworthy/spyware-free
I dont know of any free DVD authoring software but I use and like Adobe Premiere and Encore.
I've also used Sony Architect Pro 4.5 It was ok...

Or you can zip the file and send it to me, I can burn it onto a DVD for you and make some chapter menus if you want.

send me a PM if you want me to do it and I'll send you my email.
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I totally didn't pirate "Total Video Converter" on isohunt.com. I don't know if it does a good job, because I totally didn't pirate it. But an anonymous person said that it works great, so take their word for it.
I don't charge much...

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I think I've found out how I can do it with software I already have, in a long winded way:

Turn the .mpg into a dvd files (the Video and Audio folders) using the InterVideo software.
Use DVD shrink to turn that into a ISO image (most likely over 4.7gb)
Use Daemon Tools to mount the image.
Use DVD shrink again to rip the image off the virtual drive, and shrink it to 4.7gb or less.
Use InterVideo burning tools to mount it on the DVD.


Thanks guys.

(file is 700mb so sending it is out of the question)