Long story short, theirs a room next to mine, and im going to remove that wall, put up a new one, with a large window and a door (think recording studio, since that's what my plan is) I know basically, I don't want to hit and pipes or electrical wires. I have a buddy helping me who does this on a daily basis, but is their any tricks to destroying/building a new wall?
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Big Ass sledgehammer + Motorhead + Sufficient Safety Gear

Remember Folks, Safety First


Demolishing Walls can be fun, but you'll enjoy it more if one of your limbs of vital organs isn't injured by debris.

goggles, gloves, hard hat and dust mask are what I recommend

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-Pull of the drywall
-Take a Sawzall and Cut out the window.
-Frame the window
-Get new drywall
-Plaster it and paint it

In short, thats what u do.