Wats up
I got me a Peavey Rage 158 amp, its basically a little 15 watt tube imitator
It gets pretty loud, but I'm scurred to turn it up past 4-5
Can I crank this ****er full blast, or what? I don't wanna blow it up, cuz its my only good amp, and my pedal doesn't work well through my microcube.
And I don't know if the one I'm getting is gonna be too loud to practice with. Its gonna be a Fender FM 212R. Any thoughts anyone?
It's a budget practice amp that is only meant to amplify your signal enough for YOU to hear. I don't know if cranking it will break it, I'd give a 50/50 shot on that, but it will distort and it will sound like ass. If you wanna jam with your buds or whatever, either have them turn it down or get a new amp.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I cranked my crappy crate up all the way, sounded like ass and shattered my eardrums but it didn't blow up.

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No I have the same little amp and it wont blow up. Wont sound the best. The little transtube simple amps dont seem to have the issues some of the modelling amps do about being turned up.