seriously, i am learning the intro to technical difficulties and there is this one long stretch before he does that little solo run and i just can't get it down. alright so here is the question, what licks/techniques/runs/sections of songs are giving you trouble right now.
The chicken picking section and the following riff in Buckethead's Brewer in the Air. It's a bitch.
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The final solo of Scarified. My hand dies at the 13 to 19 stretch, at the end of the 10 to 16. And that's at half speed. It's taken a very long time to get that section fluid at half speed. It's going to take much longer to get it clean andup to speed.
Every song I learn, I get bored so I end up going off and doing improv or writing my own stuff ALL THE TIME. I'm incapable of sitting and learning songs