Is this a good guitar to buy? I've heard all good things about it.

(in white)

It was either that or this LP. But people always say that LPs are good for rhythm, but I've never owned one. The same person who said that also said that the Ibanez one is better for soloing.

at that price range you're probably better off with the ibanez. if this isn't going to be your first electric i would say save a bit more money and get something better to be honest!
I played a higher end ART, and IIRC, it was about as thick as a strat. It wasn't difficult to play either, unlike most LPs (to me).
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id save up more and get a good ESP/LTD. but out of those 2 id take the ibanez.

plus, pick ups make the biggest difference. you could always switch them out to better suit your style
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well, it's mostly about preferences but what you herd is generally true
i am personally am a fan of ibanez
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i had the art300, which is a higher end version of the one your looking at. crappy crappy pickups, but the guitar itself was nice. It's a pretty beefy neck, not a les paul, but it's a lot thicker than a wizard neck.

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I heard agiles are good les paul copies
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I have the ART 120 with EMG's in it. Absolutely a great guitar when set up right.
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I have an ARC300. (Predisessor to the ART line). It's a great guitar. LP shape and finish but the width of a strat. Hey - if you a heavy slab of wood, get the EPI. I found the EPI uncomfortable compared to the Ibby when playing seated. I like the stock pups, but I don't play a lot of metal. When I do, it's good enough for me. I think you get more for your money with the Ibanez, which is why I bought mine over the Epi. Try before you buy.
Well, for about 2-3 years I've had one of those crappy guitars that you buy and it comes with a little amp that you can plug a 9v into (of course I upgraded the amp a while ago though). Would it be best to wait longer? I was going to get a new one last year, but I figured I'd just wait another year when I'm better. Then I was working on Back in Black, now I'm mastering Black Magic Woman.
Save up and go for something better, but Ibanez is definitely the way to go on a budget. ESPs are pretty good budget guitars too. The Artcore series is an awesome deal though. They sound way better than other guitars for the price range.
The only thing with an Ibanez is dont use it as your best. They break strings in my expierience but that might just be me.
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Yes, but be sure to get it in sexy sexy white.
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Can't find the pic anymore. Here's a clip


I bought it basically because I wanted an LP shaped guitar and an Ibanez feel. In my opinion, nothing even comes near the feel of an Ibanez neck. I've played an Epi Les Paul Custom a couple of times and I liked it too, but is definitely a different feel.
-Ibanez ART 120 (w/EMG 81/85)
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-Peavey 6505
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Dont get the Epi, i have it and im not satisfied with it (im actualy selling it next week). I gues that the ibanez is better, but i havent played that particular model yet.
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well youve managed to find one of the few lower-mid priced ibanezes that dont suck ass so...yes it is a good buy, a bit better than the epi, i owned an epi LP standard for a bit and i didnt like it that much, i traded it for a V
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