I play electric usually and i used to be the kind of guitarist who would play for hours trying to get better and be able to play fast and sweep pick and so on but it got boring and now i play guitar for melody and just generally a nice sound! So i have picked up my acoustic more often!

The problem i have is lack of things to play...i know most basic chords and sometimes have a play about but i end up running out of ideas so is there any artists i should check out to get ideas?

i love Andy Mckee and that kind of playing but it is too advanced for me! is there anything i should check out?

check out the acoustic songs thread. There is a plethora of great songs that will make you better at acoustic playing and that are all around fun in there
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its funny that you mentioned andy mckee because when i saw the title i was going to suggest some. dust in the wind by kansas or closer to the sun by slightly stoopid are ones i like to play
Check out Michael Hedges!

He is pretty much the man who turned fingerstyle acoustic into what it is today. I highly reccomend that everyone here pick up a copy of "Aerial Boundaries", it'll blow your mind. It is amazing what you can do with 10 fingers and 6 strings.

Also check out Don Ross.
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how can i get into playing the acoustic like that? i would LOVE to be able to play like that! but how can i start? is there any finger picking techniques i need to know? any type of acoustic i should have? any size of string? Do you need to have it going through an amp to get the harmonics and half the pull offs to sound loud enough?

Check out Ellis Paul, a songwriter from Mass. He uses some cool open tunings and simple chord shapes to make some cool songs.
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