We've practically finished our demo and rehearsing in studio ready to begin touring.

Our line up is quite strong with two members from Irony Of Christ.
We're looking for an easy going Bassist who can write B lines sometimes contrary to the guitar work... adding to the overall output of the band.

We're very easy going, and don't influence anyones playing... So if you're interested don't hesitate in contacting us as we need a bassist asap!
(Practice session coming up this Tuesday!)


hm, would love to but i'm currently marooned in the sea of inbreeding that is herefordshire...

loving the fast section of TRACK 1 at about 0.50 just turns the mood right up, but imo u need a fuller sound (hence the bassist search i assume )
Haha yeah!

It's only the demo, the Studio album next year will be proffesional quality! (Not our ghetto home studio set up) lol.

If you're interested, when will you come back to sunny ol' lundahn?
C'mon surely there's a Bassist on UG who's interested?!

We've got a huge contact base thanks to the members of Irony... Gigs will be coming soon!
Message us before the position gets taken.