Ok I recently found out about this guy about a month ago and still havent listened. What is the fastest song he plays that I could download to listen to? If they r all like so fast u cant pick the fastest tell me which one sounds the best. Thank You
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No boundaries

good song. has just about everything you need to know about sweeping embedded in it
Time Traveler was the first song of his to really make my jaw drop (despite it not being consistently shreddy all the way through; not so many are, despite what most folks would have you believe!) I'd heard No Boundaries and a few other slower ones before that, but that one part in Time Traveler is pretty something.

Then again, it's nothing the likes of Gilbert/Lane/Guthrie and co wouldn't be capable of. I just think it sounds cool within the context of the song – all that slow synth build-up, with short bursts of shred in between, then suddenly he just lets it rip with those sextuplets and doesn't stop. Mucho sexy!