ok so basically i know very little about amp speakers, but i know that they're important.

My question is basically what am i looking for in a speaker, what are some good ones, and is 210 212 or 112 the way to go...or does it really matter

for example i'm looking at buying a dr z amp and it's a 210...is that okay? I always thought 212 is the better way to go.
Those numbers indicate the number of speakers and size.
110= 1 10 inch speaker
112= 1 12 inch speaker
210= 2 10 inch speakers
212= 2 12 inch speakers

and so on.
basically i have a feeling the dr z speakers will be okay but 112 210 or 212?

i'm not sure 210 is what i want to go with
The 210 should be just fine. It might not have as much low end (iirc) then the 212, but it should be fine.
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