there are like 3 possible floyd roses that are really good (correct me if im wrong) and i wouldnt recomend the routing unless you mean tremelo in general
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The 2 best colours EVER pitted against each other? No wai!

I voted lime.

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btw lime kicked ass

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schaller original floyd rose made in germeny
the only good floyd
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schaller and OFR.
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I think most people will agree, floating trems in order from best to worst:

Schaller Floyd/Edge Pro/Edge original/Zero Resistance
Good LFR
Edge 3
Crappy LFR
Theres a bunch of different floyds?
I know there OFR, schaller, gotoh and Kalher bridges, but there not all floyds, and all work a bit differently.

And you know the routings kinda pricey too, right?
OFR, Schaller FR, Edge Pro, Edge Zero are good.

Lower end LFR's and Edge III's are no-no's.

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