So the volume pot in my ibanez crapped out. it's an HSS one volume one tone configuration.

I have a leftover pot from my other guitar that I used for volume on it and it worked fine, but it was for a SSS guitar.

Can i switch them so that my Ibanez will be usable? If so, how? Diagrams etc would be helpful.

Also, the Ibanez doesn't have a pickguard, you have to go in through the back.
Does the pot have the value of it on it? 250 or 500k?

its its 250k it might be a lil muddy for the humbucker, so you might have to buy 500k pots for your ibanez.

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If it's 250k, is it still useable?

I've heard a 250k just makes a humbucker sound more vintagey vs. bright.