I really don't know much about this stuff, so does anyone know of any good 4-track recording box things? My band and I have been tired of recording on video cameras and ripping the sound from that cause it sounds like crap. So does anyone know of any inexpensive 4-track recording boxes we can use?
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What are you looking to record and what is your budget?

Analog or digital recorder?
Low budget 4 track units use cassette tapes and sound crappy...generally they are not worth the price IMO.
When it comes to digital gear most of the low priced stuff is fair these days.

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Something like the Fostex MR8 and a few condenser mics in the room may work well for you however if you spend more you can get better results.
For a cheap solution, you could try the Boss MicroBR. It's a small 4 track recorder with plenty of good features, and the on board condenser mic yields some pretty decent results. Problem is, I've never tried using it to record anything other than vox, acoustic and a little electric. I'm not convinced it would hold up when recording drums, bass and heavy guitar parts. However, you'd almost certainly get a lot better sound than if you used a camcorder.

I don't think you'd be able to get much for less than the price of one of those.
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