Alright, Bass Forum. Since my BA115 isn't at good gigging power, I've decided to buy a new rig. Your help would really be appreciated.

I'm looking at Carvin heads, and Avatar cabs. It isn't a coincidence that they're both cheap, as I do not have a lot of money.

As for cabs, I'm looking to go with a 212 and 410 rig. I'm not going to purchase them both at once, and am looking to get the 212 sometime in October. After that, I'll buy the head and run it as a half-stack for a while, until I'm ready for the 410. I really want some 12s, so I would rather not budge on that.

For heads, the BX600 or BX1200 seem to fit the bill. The only reason I'm having trouble deciding is I'm worried as to whether or not the 212 could handle the BX1200 without getting damaged. If I understand how the rig would work correctly (which I probably don't, a lot of this stuff goes over my head), the head would be sending out 600 watts to each cabinet at 2 ohms. The problem is, the 212 is only rated at 500 watts. Would doing this kill the 212? If it will, I'll probably just go with the BX600. To be honest, I only want the 1200 watts for the whole 'why not?' factor, so it's no big deal going for the 600 instead.

I play a lot of progressive metal, and other things in that vein, but I don't like the whole 'metal clank' tone. I'm looking for a clear and defined tone that still has warmth to it and doesn't lose clarity. I would also like to have a fair bit of punch to it, so I can still cut through the mix. Something pretty similar to Thomas Miller's tone on The Divine Wings of Tragedy, by Symphony X. From what I've heard, the Carvin and Avatar can come pretty close to it. I figure the setup will be clearer than my 15 incher (the 410 should help with that), and the 212 should provide that punch/cutting tone from the mid boost they give. The Carvin is supposedly super transparent, so I can work with the tone from there, right?

So, what do you guys think? How will the 12s hold up to the head? Will this combination give me the tone I'm looking for (I'm playing a Schecter C-5, if that helps)?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if this was a bit long-winded.
To answer your wattage question: I assume your 2x12 is 8 oms so you can run in with the 4x10 later. The bx1200 is going to put out 275 watts at 8 oms so it wont hurt your 2x12 here, but i dont think that'll be suitable to gig with unless you have good PA support. The bueaty of the bx1200 is that it has two, count em', two power amps housed inside. This is where bridging comes in. bridging simply means using both power amps at the same time to get impressive wattages. running the bx1200 in bridged with an 8 ohm load will give you 800 watts. (I'm taking this info from the Carvin website) Since your 2x12 is rated at only 500 watts its going to put more in than it can take, but im not an electrical engineer or anything, it might be ok if you watch your volume and listen to your speakers and make sure they're not distorting.
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i gig with an avatar 4x10 and it sounds great. Very warm and deep but still transparent. I recommend getting casters for it though. Sure its only 65lbs, but the size makes it awkward to carry.
I have a BX1200 and I run it through a single Avatar 212 right now.

The 1200 has 3 outputs on the back of the cab. 2 of the outputs are dedicated to each individual power amp that run at 400W @ 4 Ohms, and 600W and 2Ohm. The 3rd output is the 1200W @ 4Ohm bridged output. Get the 4 Ohm 212 and run it at 400W on one channel. Then add a 210 later if you want to upgrade it.

The Avatar 212's and 210's are 500W cabs. The 410 is a 1000W cab. You could run a 410 with your 212, but it'd only be getting 400W output from the head. Not a very good buy IMO when you can just buy the 210, get the same frequency response with the 10 inch speakers and pay less for it and not lose any wattage since the BX1200 will only output 400W @ 4ohms on that channel anyway.

If you want the full 1200W from the head, you either have to string 2 4Ohm amps per channel that split the 600W at 2 Ohms, or you could buy a single cab that can handle 1200W at 4Ohms, through the bridged connection (the carvin 410Neo or a 810 something).

Get a BX1200 and the Avatar 212N and 212N Cabs with 4Ohm impedance. That rig will run at 800W and be plenty loud.
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