So, I finally decided it's time to upgrade from my Marshall VS100 stack. These are the amps I'm considering so far:

Mesa/Boogie Rectifier or Stiletto
Carvin V3
Genz Benz El Diablo
Vox AC50 or AC100

This is what I want in the amp:

-it has to be a head - no combos
-all tube
-at least 3 different sounds/channels - must have good clean, "classic rock" and high gain sounds
-enough power for gigs - preferably 50 watts or over

That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment. If it helps, I have a Parker Nitefly-M, a Schecter C-1 Classic, and a Gretsch G5120, so they all have to sound good through this amp. I play a pretty wide array of styles, but the amp will mostly be used for hardcore, punk/pop-punk (the real kind, not the blink 182 kind), blues rock, and modern rock. (I know this is a weird combination, but I'm a weird person.)

I'm almost definitely going used unless there's some amazing amp that's in my price range new. My budget is about $800 US for the head alone.

So, any other suggestions? Thoughts?

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Personally, a Mesa Triple Recto, but I've never played the Genz Benz
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Out of those, I really like the Vox's and the Stiletto Duece.
I own an El Diablo 60 watt combo and contrary to what most people will tell you, its pretty damn good. It's probably the most versatile amp on its own on your list. The trick to getting a great sound out of it is taking the time to really shape your tone with the active eq. I'm not sure about the other amps, but the El Diablo can take either 6l6's or el34's. You can also change the wattage from 30 to 60 on the 60 watt head and from 60 to 100 on the 100 watt head. The hot channel has two gain modes and the second picks up where the first leaves off. A lot of people say the amp's gain is too buzzy and that the low end lacks definition, but swapping the tubes out for kt77's fixes that...it did it for me. Also, the Genz Benz has its own sound. I can't characterize it as Fendery,Marshally,Mesa Boogiesh, etc.
All of the amps on your list are great, and I can only speak for the amp that I have played. That being said, I'd still probably go with one of the Mesas. I hope that helps, and good luck.

Edit: From personal experience, the El Diablo has great cleans, too.
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Mesa Stiletto all the way. The Rectifier's good too but the Stiletto beats everything on the list you put up.