Im going to put new pickups in my explorer to make it more metal any suggestions im thinking of using the Dimazrio drop sonic or the x2n for the bridge and an evo for the neck.
I use a line 6 what of it?
Okay not bashing on the amp really, but high output pickups like that are meant to drive tube amps harder. There will be a slight difference in tone, but it wont be very noticeable.

As far as actual input goes however, the X2n is a great pickup. Sounds great, and coil splits amazingly. Never used the drop sonic.

The evo is a really articulated pickup, more for shredders and such, but I've heard it do metal riffage and stuff decently(nothing special really). If you intend to use your neck pickup primarily for solos, its a great choice. However, because its so articulated, its gonna make your clean playing sound cleaner, but itll also make your sloppier playing sound even sloppier.

If you want to use your neck for more than just solos, I think a DiMarzio Tone Zone would be a better choice. Its a medium output pup in the bridge space, but its got about the perfect output to compliment the X2n.