Anyone got an idea on how to get GR3 working through Sonar 7 as a VST plugin and allow it to work in REALTIME?
Not that familiar with sonar 7, but here are some suggestions etc:

Does sonar 7 work ok otherwise - can you record and playback just a guitar or vocals normally? Is your soundcard/sonar setup correctly and working ok?

When you say, working in realtime, are you saying that there is a delay between you hitting a note and it coming out of the speaker? - if this is the case, you probably have the latency set too high - mine is set to 7ms

or do you mean that when you playback a part, you can hear it being affected by GR3, but while recording you cannot? - then it may be a record monitoring setting within sonar.

Hope that helps.
Load up a track, set the input of your guitar in the first slot, and then 'master' as the second slot (assuming you have a capable sound card, otherwise there is hardly going to be a 'real time', and the sound quality will be shit.)

Load up guitar rig on the track as VST, and go into the advanced options, (if you're using ASIO) and lower the MS Latency time to as low as you can possibly go without the soundcard processor being ran too hard.

If you mean you can't hear it, select the input echo, and preferrably mute the clean output through regular speakers via patchmix or your soundcards audio tool.

Otherwise, if you're getting a massive delay and can't change it, it sounds like you need a soundcard in order to process the information faster.
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