I sing in a band that's just starting up. We've got two shows under our belt, but on Saturday we have the first show that people will actually show up to (the last two were way out of any fan-base's range of convenience). Enter the problem. Add to this that I usually do dual vocals with a female singer who is way better than me (i usually grab the harmonies and hold on). But she's in Mexico, so here is our first show that anyone who might actually support us, biggest of the three we've had (first two were around fifty, this will be 200 to 300 people) and I'm doing it all alone on the vocalist front.

A couple of questions.

A. How do you have stage presence in a loud, but low tempo band and not look like a jackass.

B. We have like three instances of four minute instrumentals in our set and since I don't play anything else for this band, I end up standing there lookin like a jackass. What is a singer to do during long solos?
get some water and rock out like you would just listening to the music, I think a singer's presence needs to be a reaction to the music around them. it'll look fake any other way...
join in with the instrumentals, your voice is an instrument too, right?
as for presence, stare out the audience. as in try to get eye contact with as many people as possible. and just let yourself get lost in the music, sounds stupid now, but you know what i mean.
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Just groove, or watch someone in the audience who is getting into it, and mimic them to an extent. Also pick up a tambourine or something.
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if the instrumentals long enough, i've always wanted to drop the mic, go in the crowd and hit on chicks...then when it's over jump back on stage and continue...might be a 'bit douchy though
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If you're really daring you can jump into the crowd, that depends on your style of music though and if the venue permits it.
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