does anyone know anything about aria vintage guitars? i have played an aria before and it was a really nicely made, solid guitar. i found and aria copy of a Gibson hummingbird and i would like to get any advice about it that i could...ex: are they well made, how much these Gibson copies are actually worth, the action, or any advice on whether or not i should buy it...anything at all would be helpful

it is an ARIA CUSTOM Vintage Acoustic Guitar Model 7451 MIJ
and it was made between 77-87

okay, i appreciate it. the one i found is selling for around 300, and i thought i was getting a good deal, even though it has a few minor blemishes. any other information or opinons would be greatly appreciated as well.
I bought one a few weeks ago at a flee market. It didnt look to good at the time. I gave $12 for it and cleaned it up. It sounds really nice, even with a hole in the back of it.
Basically anything MIJ will be good.
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