"He's Cool"

My try at writing a kind of earthy alternative-60's rock songish thing.

Heres the lyrics:

He doesn't notice our divide
Keep the loser out of sight
Send the brain cells from my brain
Give them time to grow again

You're cool, she's not
He's cool, thats what we're taught
We're down, but we smile
Satisfied by taking sides

Hanging out with my bros, my fake plastic friends
We follow your religion, a religion of trends

Is it up to me?
To get him to adjust
Cause he's not like us

Please note these things:

*The solo is incomplete because i forgot to give myself enough time to solo hehe.
*The recording quality is crappy i know..but hey i got da bare bones recorded. Its just a demo
*The beat boxing is supposed to represent the drums. the drums will appear on the good recording of it.

Its in my profile.
thought i'd return the favor :]

so here goes :

turn up the vocals a bit
enjoying the, beatboxing? niice
the vocals seem like they'd come together nicely if they were just a bit stronger
i like the chord progression
needs some better matching on the harmony
could use a middle 8

overall pitch sounded pretty good, generally enjoyable, sorry if i seem critical, just trying to help :]
its a catchy little tune, but you need more confidence in your vocals! though i like the dual harmony going through most of the song.
to be honest, we could spin this on kexp up here in seattle and except for the sound quality it would sound professional. i commend you.
Thanks so much man.

Once I record the good quality version on a 4-track, I'll post it up here as well.

Thanks again guys MUCH LOVE!
I agree with the others, it is a catchy little tune!
The Acoustics sound rather good for the recording's end!
I am not a huge fan of the vocals, but I like what you have done with the duel vocals.


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