I need to complete a chord prog. excercise for my guitar lessons and I'm really bad with theory. Basically, i need to play this sequence: A, Bm7, C#m7, E, G, C, A. Except starting on E and again on F. Could someone tell me what the chords would be and the best fingerings for them in that order? The point of the excercise is to move around the fretboard most economically, and if anyone could please help I would really appreciate it Thanks.
I think he means that he needs the tabs to the chords and what fingers can be used most efficiently on what fret/string.

If I have some time later on tonight and no else has done this, I'll do it for you.
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Yes, I need to transpose it to E and to F.

And yes, i need to know the most efficent fingerings.

If you would, you would rock so hard.
i hate to be a teacher on you, but y are you wasting money on lessons if everytime you come to a hurdle like simple theory you cheat?

the only person your cheating is yourself


start on E

right A to B is a tone (2 frets right?) so it moves up 2 frets...e up 2 frets is....

F#...so F#m7

bm7 to c#m7 again is up a tone

so up a tone from f# is....g#

right the next one is e...which is a 5th from a.....

so up a 5th from e an you get b

next chord is g, this is a minor 3rd higher (3 frets) so 3 frets higher than b is D

last chord is a....were back at E

so progression is

E, F#m7, G#m7, B, D, E

no F is a semitone higher than E, so for the chords in f, move these each up a fret
Just assign each chord to a scale degree, and then apply the pattern to the keys you're transposing to. Sorry, I'm too lazy to do it myself right now.

Edit: Never mind, looks like someone's already done it for you.
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