Well I work at the front desk of a hotel where I live. It just happens to be the major hotel that is closest to our concert hall/major vendor in town so pretty much every major act/star that plays here (or at the 2 main music bars here b/c of contracts) all stay at the hotel. I've met a few people in the passed year or so, off of the top of my head, ludacris, mot crew, nickelback, avenge sevenfold, and a couple others. at first its pretty cool meeting the people you hear on the radio and see on tv, but eventually its just like "meh, they're just people who's job is to entertain". although tommy lee and them actually hung out in the middle of the lobby at the hotel bar and were partying with everyone it was awesome. buying drinks and everything (to bad i was 19 at the time damnit!) and not hiding in their rooms like most artist. and the lead singer from nickelback crashed a wedding reception and sang a song for the bride and groom which i thought was cool as fck of him. neway...

the other day though I got to meet a living legend, mr BBking himself. his manager was kind of a jerkoff at first but was cool in the end. Mr. King himself though was cool as hell through and through. Even got us 4th row tickets right in the middle of the row for free. he signed a couple of CD's for me even and was gonna sign my guitar BUT he has a conract im sure you all know with gibson and couldn't sign my yamaha fg730! DAMNIT! still cool though and really fun experience. his whole band was really cool too. neway just thought i would share.
He's a funny guy, he told a lot of jokes when I met him last year.

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you shoulda asked him to jam...now that would have been freakin awsome
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Quote by Wiggly
conract im sure you all know with gibson and couldn't sign my yamaha fg730! DAMNIT! .

Seriously? That's retarded.

Cool you got to meet him though. I've seen him live and he seems like such a genuine and funny guy. I bet he has so many great stories he could tell.
That's something you tell your grandchildren about. Priceless...
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Thats pretty cool man. Sucks about the guitar though.
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I just saw him play in Reading,Pa...........I guess you work at a hotel in Reading huh??
He's 83 and the show was absolutely incredible....I still am floating.He's funny,down to earth,smooth as silk,just wow!!!!!!He shook hands with many in the audience and someone asked him tosing Happy B'day to their hubby and he did,twice. I've never seen anyone look so totallly a part of their guitar(Lucille),it's like he was born with it attached to him.I also love how he boogies in his chair..........cool dude and a legend!!