The guitar is flawless, plays awesome, looks BEAUTIFUL, has s-1 switching (works exceptionally well with the sss config), and a great feeling neck. The gripe is that NONE OF THE ALLEN WRENCHES THAT CAME WITH THE GUITAR FIT ANYTHING!!! I mean, its like they gave me metric wrenches or something. Anydbody else ever get this? I just cant believe that the one for the saddles along with the one for the truss rod adjustments are too small..... the one for the micro tilt fits but thats 1/3 lol
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just go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a set for a few bucks.

oh i have some that fit it, its just the principle of the deal. if you spend that much on a guitar, the included accessories should at least be applicable. i mean if you kept em in the case with the guitar they would be useless should you need to adjust anything!
They should be able to replace those tools for you if you just recently got it.

I do enough work on 'em now that I just ended up buying a set of wrenches both metric and U.S. Only around $5 a set at the hardware store, and for a fairly good sized set too. My only suggestion is to get those sets where the keys are separate and not one of those "multi" tools that you unfold each wrench out of. Less chance to scratch the guitar you're working on and if you do drop it on a guitar, far less chance of damage.
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