To do a bolt on type ibanez 13 degree headstock angle, how long should my entire board length be for the neck plus 2-3'' for the sake of safety? where should i mark my scarf-cut? im preparing to do this in the next few days and i am clueless. i have a nice jig though.
For a headstock that's 15mm thick, you'd need to make the cut 66mm from the machine head side of the nut.

Edit: If you're making a bolt-on, you'd need a minimum of 695mm for a 25.5" scale, just to reach the end of the fingerboard.

Dude, you really need to draw this out.
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I usually do a CAD drawing with the angle I need and once I found out the length of the fretboard i'm going to use, i'll draw that as well plus the thickness of the headstock.

here's an example using a 3/16" wide nut, 18 3/8" long FB

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