ok, is it ok to just desolder the old one off and use the same wires and just put the other pickup on it or do i have to use the wires that came with the pickups?
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um... well, you only desolder the wires the wires from the old pickup and then solder the wires from the new one in according to the wiring diagram.
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I think he means can you desolder the wires from the existing pickup and use those wires, as opposed to having to desolder the wires from the rest of the electronics and redo it with the wire from the new pickup. Is this what you mean? And if so, I would also like to know if it can be done this way.
what i did was i figured out which wires went where and basically spliced them together. that way all you need to do is wrap the part thats connected in electrical tape.
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NO!!!! Do not do that or you will screw over 2 pairs of pickups and a guitar. the wires come specifically with the pickups, they are integrated right in, and resoldering could ground the pickup to itself, or melt a bunch of things inside. the best way is to find out which wires correspond on the new pickup before taking the old one out, then plop it in and solder it to the points you just discovered. repeat it for the other pickup. whatever you do, don't detach wires from the pickups themselves.
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That was my question thanks. I left mine off at the shop. I took a look inside and got scared lol. BTW what's a going rate for pickup installation? I'm probably getting screwed.