The head is in MINT condition (could easily pass as brand new in appearance and performance), and currently has a set of Ruby EL34BSTR Power tubes in it which have very few hours on them. the preamp tubes are a tung sol, 2 Penta Labs, and a Sovtek SLP. Ill also include the quad of JJ E34L power tubes and some extra Sovtek preamp tubes that were in it before. I do not think i need to explain all of the features on this thing but if you have any questions or would like me to take some pictures please PM me with your email address and I will send any angles that you want to see. Im asking $2300 plus paypal fees (if thats how you want to pay) shipped anywhere in the Continental US. I can be reached here, or you can email me at minervinil1@student.wpunj.edu

Oh, man, I wish. I just discovered those last night because I'm slow, total freakin' class.

Also, you get a free bump for being named "Butt Savage." Best character name in the history of animation.
ill also take a trade for an ENGL Savage 120 plus cash since that is what i was probably going to buy next anyway