Thats the exact tuner I have. I don't know that Flat tones or anything, I had another tuner that was really easy to do it with, but, misplaced it. I need to tune too Drop C.

I have no idea how to work this thing, for other then Standard.
Yup hit that flat button 4 times to tune the Low E to C, then turn it off and turn it on again. Press the flat button 2 times to tune the rest of the stings.
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Quote by edusty2010
Hit flat 4 times to tune the low E to C.

Then reset the tuner, hit flat twice, then tune rest of the strings.

Then learn your musical alphabet...

And when I do that, the 5th string, flat(2) says.

.. I hate this tuner.
Quote by edusty2010
It shouldn't say that, I'd go for a refund man. That's not right.

I need.

C# tuning: C#, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb

trying to tune the E.

4 Flat.

It only will show.

7B, and 6E.

Should I tune it on 6E?
Rad the manual btw if you are gonna tune the e to c# press the flat button twice once for the rest.
I don't think that tuners chromatic (Howevery you spell it.) The black one is.
I have this tuner too, it doesn't really work that well unless you turn it to the bass setting for the E A D and strings when down tuning.
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its perfectly fine. it should say 5A because it has the two flats too. its 5A and two flats which brings it to G.
I have the black Korg Chromatic tuner and when I drop to C# I just turn teh peg until the tuner reads what note I want. Not too difficult really. Not sure about the hitting flat 4 times deal, I may have to look at that.
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