so yeah im doing my daily Patrol and i got this Call-up about some kid Saying "**** you" to his mom

i got there and he was sitting on his frikkin computer like a Monkey with a keyboard

and the kid said he said it because he didnt have lunch money
but his mother said he had leftover money

so i asked the kid what happened to his money
he said he used it for some hot Gay phone sex service thing

well anyway today was Stupid

i'd rather be eating my Crispy Cremes and Looking at pr0n on the Police Computer

geez he just had to be a little Prick
omg not another
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oh yes but do they have....THE PIT?

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Stealing is cool again? Sweet, I'm gonna rob a Subway brb
The other ones were funny.
Not this.
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Once at chruch, I was at a group thing so I was laying down on the couch then all of a sudden some girl goes up to me starts rubbing my shoe ferociousely and goes " I want sex"......