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3 days, 2 pts. I'll go ahead and congratulate him.

Memories of Ghosts and Gods

May I introduce the man I was before,
a bit conceited, lurking silently,
hiding in the corners of a dark room,
swaying ever so slightly to rhythmless music
as I watch the patrons drink and dance.

To go outside now, and watch the chiefs
make the smoke signals and a batter
of the eyelashes. They do this unaware
of the broken-down hospices across the road,
built purely on false promises, the weakest
of foundations.

And a group of people behind them,
crowding down a mysterious alleyway,
near-invisible in the many shades of darkness.
Stare at the reflections like constellations
so close to touch.

Above a battered door, hanging baskets
housing dead flowers. They remind them and us
that life is finite. God is waiting with a gun.
The light at the end of the tunnel
isn’t the glorious eternal life,
it’s just the muzzle flare.

As the patrons leave with songs in their
hearts, they pass the saddest people you’ll ever
meet, looking for love on a dead-end street,
calling out for the names of former lovers
from past lives. Above their heads,
gossamer angels bleed all over their wings.

They crawl in through a door as the
heavens open. Titans in the sky are
clashing for who controls the thunder,
ignoring the fact we’re just not interested
any more, we have better things to do,
like wait for the bullet…

Morning Pastels

It's awfully cold for a mid November morning.
Trees are still weeping about
the rain waking them up early,
long brown faces scorn sunlight;
dropping eyes to the ground.

Buckteeth form into a fleeting greeting,
like a chipmunk that just found an extra
acorn in his house.
She's a morning person.
Her alarm clock sings like doves,
swans bathe her,
unicorns pick out her clothes.
I'm a prisoner.
My alarm clock sounds like a tornado siren,
life knocks the soap out of my hands,
I always wear a grey jumpsuit.

Sidewalk skips in front of us,
"I'm really excited about today, Zach.
I get to give a speech!"
"I'm glad yesterday is over.
I mean, I hate to live in the past
but the future is just so damn bleak."
This is going to be tougher than I thought.

I wanted to make sure I made my decision without knowing the authors, then Zach ruined it by putting his damn name in the song .
i much preferred the tone and ease of Morning Pastels.
but the first line too weird.

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No Wine Glass Religion, eh
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