I recently bought a Schecter on ebay for a total of 202$ shipped. But for the life of me, I can't find out the exact model!

The auction states it's a C-1 Diamond Series, although my findings have revealed no answers, other than it might be a discontinued model or something..

Here are some pics:

Can anyone correctly identify this guitar?

What does the headstock say?
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That's alright man

It looks like an Omen 6 to be honest...but I don't know where the inlays come from, I havn't seen those on an Omen before

EDIT: Have no idea what the headstock says yet, haven't received it.
Only thing I could really find on that is this http://www.schecter.co.jp/diamond_series/guitars/omen6.html
Other then that I would look on the back of the headstock there should be a little sticker with the model number on it somewhere and you could search the web with that number, or even email schecter with that number and maybe they could tell you what the exact model is. Sorry couldnt help out more heh, hope you find it man. Lata
The two knobs (most of the C-series guitars have three) signal that it's likely some variation on the Omen...

There are 100000000 billion weird special editions in the US...

Including ones like "The pirate"?
I know what it is but I can't recall the name. . . . shit. Umm... it was something stupid. I believe it was a Guitar Center exclusive for a while. Not sure really. But I'll look into it.

EDIT: I belive it's a Black Hawk

EDIT2: RoshJosh, "the pirate" is called the C-1 Jolly Roger.
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