I just traded the crappiest axe I have for an amp.
I've never heard of them before and there is Very little info to gather from google.

Its in near mint shape because it has been covered.
Has 2x12, reverb and tremolo and 2 channels.

I'll have to get some pics together, but im just curious as to what its worth.

It's model #25wr made in Irvington NJ. Or at least the sticker says Irvington, but from what I gather this may have been made in Roselle NJ because of the black on white logo located on the grille.

If anyone has any info on this thing, I'm trying to gather a year at least.

Also, this is the first tube amp I ever had and it sounds damn good. I just got it tonight and played around for 3 hours straight on it with my strat.

The reverb sounds insane on it. I noticed though if I turned the reverb up much I would get a humm. As I said, first tube amp for me, is that a normal thing? Doesnt sound normal.

Lastly, DAMN this thing gets hot. I've heard tube amps get warm but not sure if its supposed to be that warm. Its like at a point I was thinking of putting a fan in there.

Thanx in advance
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I've never heard of it. Can't find much about it, either.Reverb shouldn't be making the amp hum.

If you're using a SSS strat, the reverb may just be accentuating the natural hum from the pick-ups. A noise suppressor should fix the problem. If it's a lot of hum, I'd take it to a tech.

Tube amps are supposed to get pretty warm. But, the tolex shouldn't feel extremely hot. Installing a fan is never a bad idea.

What'd you trade for it?
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My strat is SSH and I havent played it in a while. Now that you mention it, it does have a hum on my other amp when on any of the singles. But not on the humbucker. Just another thing I have to get fixed.

I'll have to try one of my other guitars on it for a tester. I have a NJ warlock and flat body Hondo 2 cutaway. Love some info on the Hondo 2 as well as Ive never seen another flat body LP copy. Its old.

Anyhow, I traded a Davison LP copy flametop that I had put Grovers in. The action on it sucked so I new I would never play it or be able to get my money back on it.

I'll get some pics up of the amp (and the Hondo, LOL) maybe tonite.

Got around to taking some photos. Forgot to do the Hondo, I'll do that another time.

I stuck the camera up inside and took some there too.

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The strat was the culprit of the humming.

I was wondering what kind of $ I might be able to sell this for.

Also, I was curious as to what year it may have been from.

Thanx again.
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