first off, im sorry that im flooding the forums.

well i did some research and i found out couple of things about the kingman

they have two versions of the SCE and currently one version of the S

SCE- basically the older version had a solid top and back, as of opposed to the newer ones which only have a solid top.
old [discontinued]


S- still has the same features as the older version of the SCE with the solid top and bottom. however this model is lacking electronics.
S [dreadnought]

my question- is the sound quality/ tone better on the S than the new version of the SCE? because im kinda debating whether or not i should go with the sound or the feature of the acoustilectric. i dont really hook up my guitar to amps but i mean its a feature i may use in the future, but i still want to have somewhat of a good sound.

it completely depends on each guitar. try them out. never shop for guitars by specs.
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