Hey everybody,
I've been playing for a couple of years, and I ussually just practice by normally sitting there and working on certain things. Meaning, the only time I get to jam to drums/guitars/bass is when I jam with friends and stuff. I had a band going about a year ago, and I use to love playing with everybody else, but things kind of fell apart. Now, a year later, I'm trying to get something else going with a band. I get alot of invites and I've tried out for other bands, but never found anything I'm really interested in, so I'm starting something myself rather then just finding a band who just needs a guitars.

Anyways, onto the actual topic, since I don't get the chance to jam with people so much, I'm not to great at improvising. This is something I would really like to get a bit better at. I forgot how much fun it was til me and my guitar teacher were jamming just last week. I was wondering if anybody here knew how I could get back tracks of music. Meaning I don't want any vocals or anything, just something like an instrumental, or just drums to jam along with. I feel this is the best way of going about getting better at it, if anybody else has a better idea then please feel free to inform me with whatever it is. So, is there any websites or stuff I can download that I could jam to.

I'm looking for any kind of music really. I enjoy playing blues, rock, metal ect. Looking for both slow and fast stuff.

There's a "jamming" section on the downloads page, I think, as well.
Or you can just download some song backing tracks and play along to them.
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when i want something to play along with instead of the actual song, i go on youtube and look for a drum cover of the song and i just play along with that
alot of times I just play along with rockfest or metal mania on vh1. I prefer that over some of the crappy backing tracks i have.
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I'm not looking to play other bands songs, just beats to improvise stuff with. Thanks everyone!