Hello everyone -- I just found this site while trying to look around and get an idea what my guitar is worth. I love this guitar and have owned it since the mid 90's (I bought it from the original owner), I have recently had a sudden large expense hit and I am forced to sell it to cover.

Can anyone help me figure out what it's worth? This is an Ibanez Rocket Roll II and according to the "Ibanez DATE YOUR GUITAR" site I found, it is from February, 1982. Metallic red with all original everything except the bridge pickup has been replaced with a Seymore Duncan.

More detailed pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27700726@N04/

I have the original hard case that came with it, it has some wear from age but is in overall good shape.

I am needing to sell this as soon as possible, but I want to get a fair price. If anyone here is interested in it, please feel free to email me directly at natejohnson@cox.net. I will consider all reasonable offers. I am located in the Phoenix, AZ area, and can deliver or arrange pickup in my area, or I will ship it to you at my shipping cost.


Nate Johnson
Beatiful guitar it should be worth a good amount of money
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cool, thanks!

If anyone's interested, please email me (natejohnson@cox.net) -- i'm trying to sell it locally but I'm willing to ship it at actual cost if you don't live in Phoenix.