Well, it's now 5 years today since Shawn Lane left this place, with a legacy that can only grow.

About a week ago i prepared this video for the occasion : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CZLfzrmsQI

Lets all spare a thought for Shawn today, or if you can, put on some of his tunes.

Miss ya Shawn!

everything I've ever heard from him and about him only strengthens my belief he was a true genius.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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Ah great, others remembered too.

I'm going to spend the whole night at work listening to his solo stuff, Hellborg stuff and whatever other stuff I can find – my small way of paying tribute to his awesome work, his awesome music, and of course that awesome (IMO unmatched) technique.
As it so happens, I had stumbled upon this


I'll be listening to his music/watching his videos today
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The Way It Has To Be... ahh, pure tone!

Still trying to look for an original '99 release of this album. If it ever came up for sale, I'd be willing to pay up 100 quid for it if I had to! Then there's also Time Is The Enemy ('96 release, not the '04 remaster). Sickening album.