This is going to be mostly a self-indulgent rant, so feel free to move on.

Why do people on the internet have to be so rude about what other folk like?

It's okay when it's done in an amusing or witty way, but what I’m talking about here is when people just say shit, like your favourite (whatever) sucks/is gay/bums a pony etc. Okay so that last one gets slightly more points for inventiveness, but it hardly justifies itself.

Example; I am a HUGE Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) fan; they are, and have been for 4 years now, my favourite band on the ****ing planet. Now for some reason an awful lot of people really don't like these guys. Okay, that's fine, their opinions etc. However, shockingly few people who I've seen belittle them have even attempted to give a good reason. It's all just "they're ****ing shit, they're sellouts, pretentious, scenesters etc." Now, none of that kind of stuff even refers to the actual MUSIC they produce, it's all just unsupported opinion.

Now there's some music I really can't stand, such as Panic! At the Disco, most hip-hop, R 'n B, okay sometimes entire genres that I don't have any time for. Now, I don't go around saying this stuff is shit, even if I might think so, because firstly I hardly listen to any, and secondly it's just plain rude to go into a forum in which people are discussing their favourite music only to say something alongs the lines of "that stuff's ****ing queer" and then try and defend my arrogance. I think it's just fair to say that, generally speaking, certain types of music really aren't my bottle o' Jack, and even though I don't understand why people make such a fuss about it, I respect their right to listen to and enjoy whatever the **** they want without some dickhead harassing them about it.

Back to Avenged anyway. By the way if you're still reading then Well ****ing Done. One of the things that people say about Avenged is like "Oh the lead singer ****ed up his vocal cords like a pussy and so now they only do mellow shit 'cause he can't scream. For a time I thought this really was the actual reason they took a more melodic approach after their second album (Waking the Fallen) but not so as it turns out. On the All Excess DVD, their producer for Waking the Fallen and City of Evil, Mudrock, explains the real reason. This Mudrock fella, who apparently is quite a well known producer, says that Shadows (the singer) told him before they even recorded WTF that he wanted that album to have half-screaming, half singing, and for their next release to have all-singing. This all coming before the complications with his throat even began to escalate.

The truth is, this is a band who, from the start, consciously set out to always try new things and evolve as a band. As for selling out I~ really don't agree. Of course they wanted to be more popular, that's normal for any band, but their progressive leaning towards a more commercial, radio-friendly sound was an organic one, and it's always been the band doing what they wanted to do. It's sad to see the nay-sayers knocking these lads down without even giving any thought to their musical talent. I mean the Rev is an incendiary drummer, and Syn is a force of ****ing nature on the guitar, and I would confidently state that he is one of the best guitar players alive today. Now, I know that this statement alone is enough to inflame a lot of people, who can probably think of numerous examples of guitarists who they think are far better. But the point is, I’m not saying he is THE best because I think so -just ONE of. I don't see why anyone should argue with that. The way he sweep picks, and the unusual scales and time signatures he often employs gives his playing a very distinctive sound, and I believe that to be one of the traits to an incredible musician -that distinctness.

Still with me? I applaud your patience. I will agree that Avenged are pretentious. But then I doubt the band itself would deny that. The whole stage name thing has been done before, and it's really just an homage to bands like the Misfits and Kiss, and guys like Alice Cooper (who obviously took it one step further by actually changing his name) who are identified very much by their image as well as they are by their music. Axl Rose was pretentious, but he was also a very deserving rock icon who, despite having fallen from grace over the past decade, will leave a positive, lasting impression on the world of music for a long time to come. Now I'm not saying that A7X are in any way the same as Guns 'n Roses, i'm just saying that the principal is the same. Being pretentious when you're in a band can be part of what it's all about to being an entertainer and performer.

I've tried not to contradict myself too much during this rant, but almost inevitably I will have done. However, I hope people can see what I’m getting at. Just cause you think something's a big steaming pile of shit, doesn't make it so. Voice your opinion, that's fine, but at least do people the courtesy of giving well thought out reasons for why you say shit. I'm very aware that all this makes me sound like whiny, self-righteous little ****tard, but it really isn't supposed to come over like that at all. I'm not grumpy, or miserable, I just wish folk'd be more open-minded.

Wall of text. tl:dr.

Nice fanboy rant.

By the way, I think everyone would take A7X more seriously of they laid off the makeup and gay nicknames.
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I enjoy A7X, am currently listening to them. But you know as well as i do people will always slate others musical tastes.
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You think people shouldn't be able to say those things, but you know what? People shouldn't bring them up in the first place if they don't want other people to refute it. If you fanboys can extoll their virtues, we have the right to refute it. The reason that none of their reasons make sense to you is because you don't agree. You think that guy is a good guitarist? You think he uses great scales? In reality he's terrible, he can just play fast and his scales are all just 9-10-11-12, jump up to the next string and do that again, then the next string. He can't even remember how to play the songs he wrote. He's terrible. The singer sounds like shit. HE can't sing. Yeah, maybe it is because of his vocal problem. But he's terrible and detracts even more from the band. The drummer is amazing though. He's really their one saving grace.

All that being said, I've given them a chance, found only two songs even listenable. Lots of people won't give you reasons, and some of them are just being douchebags, as to why they don't like the band, but that's their right. It's the internet, expect people to be that way. If you can't handle other people's opinions keep yours to yourself.

Edit: most of these people that complain about stage names are probably slobbing all over the knobs of Dimebag, Axl, Slash, etc...
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I enjoy A7X, am currently listening to them. But you know as well as i do people will always slate others musical tastes.

His "sweeping" is a dumbed down bastard child because he cant sweep, like herman li
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be the music, not the scene
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Edit: most of these people that complain about stage names are probably slobbing all over the knobs of Dimebag, Axl, Slash, etc...

There's a difference between Dimebag and Slash and M. Shadows and Synyster Gates.
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Interesting what people have said. Yeah I know I'm a fanboy, i'm guilty as all hell. It's nothing to be ashamed of though, I always like seeing people being passionate about music, it's a very positive thing I reckon. But if I seem one sided, it's probably becuase I am, but my point is at least I've given fairly detailed reasoning as to why that is.

It's not that I can't handle other people's opinions, it's just that I wish the'yd express them with more thought. Like the people who've said here that Syn's sweeping, and use of scales is not particularly well accomplished? Well at least they've gone into greater deal than just saying "I don't like this band, they're shit." Of course I will still stay predictable fanboy stuff to counter such as 'I think the sweeping sounds awesome, and I've seen them live a few times and there was no evidence of Syn "not being able to remember how to play the songs he wrote" on those occasions.

People seem to find it difficult to get over the stagenames. Maybe they're not the best-sounding ones there have ever been, but they fit the image of the band. And it is certainly not fair to criticise them for that alone, as i've seen many do, without giving any comment or consideration to their work as musicians.

To bring my views on this matter to pretty much a close, it comes down I think to a very specific thing.

Stating your opinion as though it is fact- "His "sweeping" is a dumbed down bastard child because he cant sweep, like herman li" or citing biased and untrue facts "his scales are ALL just 9-10-11-12, jump up to the next string and do that again" just gets annoying when you hear it all the damn time.

People can't just settle for "I reckon his scales are way too similar" or "I can't stand his voice." That'd be better, that's actual opinion expressed as opinion. Not just saying "the singer sounds like shit" which is another case of opinon expressed as fact.

I expect people to disagree with anything I say, especially about A7X -they're just that kind of band, and that's one the reasons I love 'em, the way they divide opinion, but people can do it more politely, and more respectfully. I don't care how much people blow the shit out of my favourite bands, as long as they don't state what they say as though it were the absolute truth and/or without justification. Yeah, the internet is fickle, I get that, and this whole thing was really as much about my frustrations with people's general attitude and online demeanor as it was about what people had to say specifically about Avenged Sevenfold.

I apologise if this wasn't the proper place to vent all of this bile, but I really don't know what the **** i'm doing when it comes to these things. Again I'll admit, I've probably contradicted myself a few times on some key points, but if the most powerful people in the world can do it, then so the **** can I. At least I can't say I haven't tried.

Sorry for wasting anybody's time.
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