anyone have any knowledge on installing coil taps into a les paul im thinking about buying thos new p-rails by seymour duncan and i wanna know how much work its gonna take before i do it because its my only guitar and im in a band and cant afford to not have a guitar for more than 2-3 days
you just need push pull pots, and they replace your old pots there like 10 bucks each, you can prob get them at your local shop or radio shack.

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^Those won't work. Not only are they not knurled properly, the shaft isn't nearly long enough for a LP.
Threadstarter, make sure you get a long shaft pot, regular pots won't fit through the top.
Push/pull pots are what you want if you want to do coil splitting(humbucking/single coil). If you want them coil tapped, you need a set of on/on/on mini toggles and will have to do some drilling. Guitarelectronics.com has the schematics to do any of this, to give you an idea of whats involved. Any decent tech should be able to install the new pots or switches in an afternoon.