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I was at a springsteen concert in Gothenburg on the 5th of july (i think).
I dont listen to springsteen but my mom wanted to go and didnt want to go alone so i got a tiket for free, and heck yes im up for that.

However, I didnt know about lofgren at the time, and i dont know too many springsteen songs either, but i know because the night, because i heard it with patti smith group.

To the point. He made a solo that lasted for 2-3 minutes, i dont know, and it was by far the sickest experience ive ever had. Beating the shit out of a Neil Young concert (and i LOVE neil young). Lofgrens solo gave me shivers so many times in a few minutes... what was really sick was that i didnt really expect a badass solo on a springsteen concert.

I adore him for that.

a crappy filmclip of it i found on youtube. doesnt make him justice but.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-9OJgypNhY
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I'm more impressed with what he did with Crazy Horse and Neil Young tbh.

didnt he play the piano back then?

I saw him on the 4th july there. It was soo good.

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didnt he play the piano back then?

He played piano on After the Gold Rush and guitar on Crazy Horse.
Got his self-titled solo album and was surprised how decent it was. At no point is it amazing but he could definitely do ok on his own.

You might want to take this to the CR forum or something.
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