I was wondering if this would make a difference, and if you guys had any tips. I'm mostly using my crate V30 tube combo right now, it's got plenty of power, and (used to) sound awesome, but I think the tubes are getting near the end of their road (they're about 2 years old, and run VERY hot). It has 3 12AX7's in preamp and 4 EL-84's in power amp. It's class A, with an AC-30 type tone. I'd like to get a bit less of the british style response, and a bit more warmth and drive from it. Any suggestions?
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2) https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=473149

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ok, sorry about that. All are still glowing, so they're at least doing their part. I've read that article, but was wondering if you guys ever mix & match tubes? Would that do any harm?
I haven't, but people do that often enough to try to squeeze out more unique tones. I don't think it should harm anything.
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Mixing preamp tubes is fine.

That is what I was meaning. Should have been more explicit (d'oh).
Thanks for all the input guys, really helpful, but one last question: does is matter if the tubes have gold plated pins? a friend of mine swears that it makes a big difference.
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TS: You're not really likely to get more gain with a preamp tube change. You can use lower gain tubes for less gain...But otherwise, no.

Ok, my amp came stock w/ groove tubes (sovtek?) and I hear these are pretty much junk... will changing over to a matched set of, say JJ power tubes be a good move?
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Replace the EL84's with JJ's, and stick Tung-Sol 12AX7's in V1 and V3. Then in V2, stick a Sugang 9th Gen 12AX7.
I'm not 100% sure, but V2 should be for your drive channel.

Sweet. Thanks again for the great input, I look forward to trying these out!