So.. I'm new to UG and I thought that I could post some of my old stuff here. I wonder what you guys think...

It's all just midi. No RSE. And sometimes (esp. in the 2nd song) the midi sounds kind of akward... You'll figure it out
Song 1.zip
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i see your new here.but in the rules(these ones are quite god actually) it says dont upload more than 2 thing / week and NOT in the same thread.This way, youll get no decent critting on it so its only a wast of time.try to do something about it
Definetly interesting stuff! Sounds quite abit like some of the more noisier breakstyles of old Hopesfall (a favorite of mine), Misery Signals or early norma jean etc. similar more obscure math/tech/post/whatever -core. The breakdowns of Laurelei, for example, come to mind, bonus points if you know them.

I definetly dig the flavor you bring to the table here, and would like to hear more stuff. Now onto the critique for the songs, I keep it brief and general, as I suppose you are not working on them anymore.

Personally in most songs here there's too much breakstyle riffing. Don't get me wrong, yours is harmonically much more interesting than the usual open-rootnote chugging, and you kept it fresh with constantly updating the time-sigs (which sometimes worked excellent, sometimes felt rather contrived and just for the sake of math-iness). If that's what you were going for, well more power to you, but personally, I'd like to open things up from time to time, and there are lots of different segment devices from the post/core arsenal you can use: Clean interludes, speedier parts, broad segments of longer-held chords that open up space to 'breathe' - a 4 min song with only breakstyle riffs can feel rather suffocating. That's fine if you definetly chose to evoke that mood, however personally I like to restrict the use of that only device to certain standout parts (which additionally has the effect of making the breakdowns punch much more if you don't do them all the time - dynamics at work).

What is really cool is how you used chordal fragments in many of the breakdowns to give much more harmonic depth to this overused playing device. Many of those fragments contain promising harmonic 'seeds' that I would have liked to be expanded upon in a more 'straightforward' melodic fashion later. The chords of the intro to song 4 come to mind, or the end of that song, where you could've enhanced the impact of the outro much more if you brought in some other longer chords than just alternating between C# and D in the rhythm.
In song 1 the segment from bar 62 onward is another great example of finally introducing some much needed variety. The harmonies are positively crushing and give some much appreciated breathing room and focus to the song before it goes back to breakdown galore. Same with bar 79, a great riff that could be enhanced by not just chugging the open root all along the way. I would concede that this part was probably designed to invoke a hypnotic droning trance - and it would work, if you didn't overused the breakdown device in the song before. With that now it's simply just tedious.

Song 2 was definetly my favorite. Not just because I'm a big fan of old Hopesfall, and this is definetly their style speaking here to me, but because the harmonies were colorful and imaginative and the section from bar 49 onwards was heavenly and provided finally a real difference to constant breaking. However, to kick this tune finally over the edge to absolute greatness I would like to see some more prominent direction by the rhythm guitar and especially the bass. In the intro you stayed a bit too long on one chord for me, the harmonies could be enhanced with some more adventurous progression in the chords and/or the bassline giving some more chordal backdrop (ie. not staying on the same note for 4+ bars). Of course you did took some harmonic progression, but for me it was too little, too late. If I sound too harsh, that may just be because I care so much about the potential for greatness this tune has, so take it as a compliment. If I didn't like it at all, I wouldn't even comment to begin with.
Also I recognize that many problems I have, for example with breakdown repetition etc., can be remedied with vocals etc.. So, looking at your work and the potential it has, I'm definetly interested in hearing more from you. Keep it up!
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i see your new here.but in the rules(these ones are quite god actually) it says dont upload more than 2 thing / week and NOT in the same thread.This way, youll get no decent critting on it so its only a wast of time.try to do something about it

fixed. thx

And to the review above: Thanks man!!! I really appricate that you invested so much time reviewing! I don't play that style of music anymore, so yeah, you got some valid points and i pretty much share you're opinion. Back then my technique was not good but I got a good feeling for rhythm. So, I made the best out of my skills (which were and are still not so good).

Edit: I heard the name Hopesfall, but I've never listened to one of thier songs.. I'll definitely check them out!
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Well, the suggestion the reviewer makes also sense if you consider that threads with multiple songs get usually less responses than if you pan it out -> multiple threads for multiple songs, that way you simply catch more replies.

'Sad' to hear you don't make that kinda stuff anymore, because I definetly saw potential for greatness in it. But hey, 'sad' in parenthesis, because who knows, maybe your new stuff is also excellent. Like I said, I'm interested. If you want, you can host your newer stuff elsewhere for the moment and simply link to it in your thread.

And wow, I really assumed you already heard some Hopesfall, because some of the stuff is definetly right out of their playbook, and/or they are (well, were) the most prominent exponation of this kind of core style. I can only urge you to the highest degree to check out some of their old stuff. Albums "The Frailty of Words", "The Sattelite Years" and the "No wings to speak of" EP. Disregard the newer stuff, they've toned down the intensity and revised their sound into something more commercial like what newer Underoath is doing for some albums. The old stuff has some similar breakdowns like your songs, of course they also expand more on the melodicisms (something akin to what you did in song 2) and vary the dynamics (instead of constant breaking). Also, bonus points if you track down stuff by Laurelei, a shortlived obscure core band that linked personell to Hopesfall and gives you a better Idea of how their particular brand of core evolved. Their record is out of print and nowhere to get on CD, so it's fair and safe to suggest you can fire up a download for this somewhere.
But I assume the other Bands I mentioned (Norma Jean and Misery Signals) are wellknown to you. If not, let me just insert another quick plug for Misery's "malice and the magnum heart". But hey I'd also like to hear from you yourself what you consider your influences were for those songs? Cheers
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But hey I'd also like to hear from you yourself what you consider your influences were for those songs? Cheers

Well, I think I heard Norma Jean back then and Lostprophets (I never saw videos of them so I didn't know they were THAT emo )... I might be influenced by my "new metal" background before that (before i really started to play guitar and got interessted in music itself). I was LimpBizkit and Korn all the way - shame on me

Btw this material is almost 2 years old I updated a few things now and then. I don't have much time anymore since I got a girlfriend and a job and a band in the last years... I slowly start to writ new stuff and thought it could help me to become active on the UG-Forum...