Whatever the bar wants to pay them?
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depends on the bar, depends on the demand for the perticular band theyre covering, depends how good they are.

look at the australian pink floyd for instance because they are VERY good at what they do and have put years and alot of money into it they can sell arenas at £30+
the fact that they are as close to the real floyd we're ever likely to get doesnt do them any damage.
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I was in a cover band in my area (I came in because their bassist left, so they already had an ame for themselves) but I was making $200+ a gig. And there was 5 of us in the band. 6 if you include the sound guy.
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generally, cover bands make more when they are starting out, put it's hard to get into the bug bucks. if you're looking for something that gets you a bit of extra cash and doesn't take up ALL your time, then a cover band is a good option.
Over here your average cover band will make £2-300 a night depending on how good they are, how well they're known and how many people are likely to turn up to see them. Really good ones can make more, less well known bands with no following will make less. I'd imagine that would translate directly to the US so $2-300 a night for the WHOLE band, not per person.
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