what do compressor pedals do? i want to buy one. but i dont iknow what they r used for
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they... um... compress things?

But really, if you run the level (using a boss cs-3 as an example) high they can be a very slight gain boost. However, most people run them as either a "tightener/sustain booster" on their solos, or they'll throw them in the effects loop to give they amp a little more punch.

Hope that helps!
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im sorry for being an ass but i just have to say it...if you dont know what it does or what is used for, why would you want one?
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Why do you want to buy something that you don't know what it does...?

And they basically compress the sound - I like using it on cleans/mild overdrive a lot. Sounds similar to some Skynyrd tones.

Also, the sustain boost is handy for solo tones, especially with something like a strat.

I've the Boss one, which is great, but quite noisy, so you'll need a noise gate too most likely...
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^^ Agreed.

Basically they made loud sounds quieter and quiet sounds louder, so they even out your dynamics/loudness.
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dear thread starter. how much searching did you do before creating this post? I ask because just yesterday I was wondering exactly what a compressor did. After about 2 minutes of searching I found quite a bit of information and all my questions were answered without the need for a new thread.

Please try to search next time. It's good for you, and for us.

try wikipedia, google, or even the FAQ at the top of the forum. cas worked nice and hard on that announcement, so the least you can do is read it.