Guys i was using my metal zone pedal lastnight perfectly then today when i went to use it my amp had a wierd loud fuzz sound and pedal wasnt working i thought that it was maybe the battery( even tho the light was still on) so i used a line 6 pod adapter with it to see if it would workd and smoke started coming out! do you think its broken?
No, you probably have the special edition metal zone that is a metal zone and a smoke machine! Congrats!

But seriously, yes. You broke it. Pedals, pods, etc. don't all use the same power adapters. Interchanging them can and probably will fry your pedals.

For example, my fulltone pedal uses a 9V adapter that is a regulated 200ma, center pin negative.

My Line6 DL4 uses a 1200ma adapter, it may even be center pin positive, I don't remember.

The point is, you need to have it looked at or replaced. Sorry.

Read this, from Fulltone's website. Read the part in BOLD!

Fulltone Musical Products Inc.
4220 Glencoe Ave.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Frequently Asked Questions


Hi Fulltone, I have a _______, I'd like to use a powersupply.
Is there a amperage range I need to stay within?

Joe Customer

There can never be too much "amperage"(common term being "CURRENT") offered by a transformer (wallwart, power supply) as a device only draws what it needs from a power supply.
There can only be "not enough current," as in the transformer not having enough current to supply the demand from the pedal.
Most analog pedals require only 50ma (milliamps) or less! Most adapters offer 200-500 ma or even 1000 ma (1 amp)
so you're always going to be fine for that part of the equation.

What you really have to look out for is Correct VOLTAGE: USA Adapters all start out being fed 120 volts AC from the wall...you need to find out what the OUTPUT of the adapter is, i.e. "12V AC" (12 volts Alternating Current) or "9V DC" (9 volts Direct Current) etc.Most pedals run off a battery...right? A Battery is 9Volts DC!
So, you'd better make sure that the OUTPUT of the wallwart adapter reads; 9V DC and that the POLARITY is correct.

POLARITY: does the adapter have the positive (+) going to the correct part of the plug (cable) that connects to the effect?
99% of all pedals have the NEGATIVE (-) (also called ground) going to the Center-Pin of the cable and effect's adapter port.
Getting this wrong is what results in 85% of all returned/burnt-up pedals for Fulltone, and for most other manufacturers, I suspect.

Using the wrong adapter and causing damage to your effect voids the warranty and will cost between $30 and $65 plus shipping to repair~


Question: My pedal smells funny..burnt, and doesn't work! You suck, I hate you a lot! I SWEAR I only used a battery on it!

Answer: Perhaps or your pedal was abducted by one of your bandmates and subjected to a Line6 or other adapter and consequently SMOKED. Listen carefully....it is IMPOSSIBLE to burn up your Fulltone (or any other) pedal with a 9 volt battery, even if the battery was accidentally connected backwards.

Seriously though, we are seeing 2-5 pedals per week come back burnt by people using the wrong adapter..STOP IT! Please stop, read the adapter...read what your pedal requires and do NOT hook up the wrong power supply to it.

99% of all pedals take 9 volts DC with the correct adapter offering the "negative" (-) to the center pin and the "positive" (+) connected to the shaft of the ( 2.1mm x 5.5mm) barrel jack
lol yeah if im not mistaken, a lot of line 6 stuff runs on 18v. Theres your problem right there.
Sorry to dig up an old thread, but this has happened to me. So rather than starting a new thread...

I am under warranty though, will they replace my pedal for me?
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I did this to my boss pedal. Nothing happened.
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