For Sale: Seymour Duncan Powergrid (best metal distortion I tried so far) UK

But since I have a three channels amp, I can afford to get rid of it, and I could use the dough

You get a three band EQ + gain and volume controls. True bypass, nifty looking, in great state (still got the box and instructions). Quiet and very well built.

This pedal has THE MOST GAIN I EVER got in any pedals. With the gain on full you get infinite sustain (not a catch phrase) but I keep mine at about 3 oclock for a quiet, very gainy setup that can do modern metals as well as more old school stuff.

I can only see these for sale on Thomann in the UK right now (barely came out), for £82 + shipping.

You can have mine for £80 paypalled and shipped to your place in the UK

Shoot me up with trades if you want, who knows... but I do prefer a straight sale.
I have references on here and many other places.
Sorry is it just the Power Grid that's up for grabs or is it all of them?
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Nope just the power grid... But if you're interested in anything else, let me know, you never know! I also have a Carl Martin ACTone and Plexitone prototypes but I'd be very reluctant to sell these.