Is that you with the vocals? If so I love the sound of them, they sound really cool and I wish I had that kind of sound when I sing.. anyways it's a solid cover, it's real good.

sorry I don't have any "constructive criticism" but yeah I really like how it sounds and it's played well good work
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Beatiful playing. Jimi would be proud. I liked the vocals too. They remind of Blue oyster cults vocals in a way.
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Wow! When I heard the first seconds of your cover I was amazed by the tone! You did a very good job recording with this quality.. One thing though, you have a lot of noise/static going on, you wanna get rid of that even Audacity can do that, so it won't take a lot of effort!
About the playing and the singing, I was again amazed.. Your playing was flawless and very expressive, and your voice is great! I wish I could sing like that..

A very very good job! Cheers to you!
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Dude, that was freaking awesome. You do the original LOTS of justice!
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Real nice cover, and a good recording.

Kinda put's me in mind of the version
of "Angel" that's in the Box Set, where
he's just writing the song and he playing
a clean sound on the guitar, just Jimi
and a little rthymn machine
just lovely, spot on playing and great vocals! one of the best covers of this song i´ve ever heard!
only complaint, maybe you should use a lighter pic as you hear the pic strumming/picking too much :P: not a big problem thou

crit back?
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Very nice. I enjoyed listening to this cover. Playing is good, you have obviously got that down for this song. Voice is also good, but maybe it would be better to have a softer tone in your voice for this song? only thing that took away from it is the noise of the pick, not sure why its so loud. 8.5/10 good job.

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