peforming music to anyone but a few mates

yeah im only doin one song, soldier's poem (muse you dummies =P)
advice for a) calming myself down and b) makin sure my voice is ready -i know nothing at all about vocal warmups and sh..stuff like that
i wouldn't worry aboiut it to be honest, after a few songs you'll be having fun, since you're only doing one song, afterwards you'll just want to play more
Sig space available, give me some praise
For the vocals, do not eat choclate before you perform. And breath in for 4 beats and let the air out for 8 beats (do this several times). Doing this will help you control the air flow and the note won't stop early while singing.

Hope this helps
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yay for muse! but dont worry about it and try falling away with you by muse too


yay for muse

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the mroe confident you act, the more the audience will enjoy, if you look stressed or act stressed the audience will pick up on it, but they will also pick up on confidence.

start when you are ready.
dont talk yourself down. eg "ive only been playing guitar for a few months and i learned this piece yesterday so give me a break" this will only make you seem more nervous and be more nervous

know that you are good, you can do this, its easy.

make sure you know the piece well enough to perform, can play it backwards, twice the speed, half the speed, behind your head, with your eyes closed while staring at the fit girl at the back of the room and having a laugh with your mates is just about good enough.